On the last day of Geekmas, I 3d printed Link's Master Sword! This print was supposed to be pretty easy but then I made 2 missteps.

First I decided to forego the use of the included "pins". The pins would have held this print together far better. Paired with some Gloop, which I did use, it would have been a pretty sturdy sword. But instead I decided to just use Gloop. This lead to the sword breaking in multiple places when I was trying to test it out.

The 2nd mistake I made was to try and print this blade in multicolor on the Bambu. This was not a huge misstep but it made the print take significantly longer to complete than if I would have just printed it in one solid color and then post process / paint, which I ended having to do anyways.

The print turned into a multi day affair, which is why I find myself wrapping up the last day of Geekmas about 1 day later than anticipated. In addition to the challenges above, this sword features some ornate details that will make for a bit of fun in post processing. Again, I rushed the final bits of the print's post processing to get it ready for you all during Geekmas. If I had it to do again, then I would have sanded it a few more times and made sure to get it all smooth like before applying my primer, and paint layers.

You can see the finished product over on TikTok:


Finally got that last Geekmas print done. 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🎄🎄 The master 🗡️ #3dprintinglife #geek #geekculture #geekyinc #themastersword #legendofzelda #videogames

♬ original sound - geekyinc

The breakdown:

Geeky Inc Category - Video Games
Original Appearance - Legend of Zelda
Time to Print (on a Bambu P1P) ~ 24 hours (with 2 Bambus)
Post Processing - More than a little bit of time
Link to STL - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1449187/files