Christmas is only 12 days away and we didn't want to leave you hanging without some awesome 3d prints to drool over. We've decided to do something fun. Over the next 12 days the Geeky Inc team is going to print, and share, 12 different Geeky 3d Prints. This special series is a celebration for our community of tech enthusiasts, gamers, and geeks at heart. We'll be introducing a new and unique geeky print, from an anime, video game or just something fun and geeky. I'll be sharing videos of each print being crafted on my 3D printer, giving you an insider’s look at the magic behind the process. Plus, for those who love to get hands-on, I'll provide links to the STL files for each creation. And here's something to boost the excitement: based on our subscriber counts and engagement on social channels, we may select three of our lucky subscribers or members and provide them with a chance to win one of these incredible geeky prints! Check back here for the latest print and let's celebrate this "Geekmas" with style! 🎄🖨️🕹️