On the 10th day of Geekmas, I 3d printed the one, the only, the GOAT of all GOATS, Goku! in pure Super Saiyan 4 glory. Post Processing involved removing supports and then doing some light sanding. From there I laid down a layer of primer before moving in with Acrylic paint for the finishing move. The print took about 6 hours on the Bambu P1P. There were no additional challenges outside of making sure to go slow during post process to not damage his tail. Painting him took about 12 hrs, including the time to let the 1st layer of paint dry. If I was going to go extra with this one, I would have done another layer and tried to really get his face details dialed in, but Geekmas waits for no one.

You can see this one over on TikTok:


Goku aka the 🐐🐐🐐 #supersaiyan4goku #supersaiyan #dragonballgt #goku #anime #geekmas #geekyinc #geek #geekculture #3dprinting

♬ original sound - geekyinc

The breakdown:

Geeky Inc Category - Anime
Original Appearance - Dragon Ball GT
Time to Print (on a Bambu P1P) ~ 6 hours
Post Processing - Mid
Link to STL - https://www.printables.com/model/554762-dragon-ball-gt-goku-ss4