Hi, I'm Mike.

As someone who only has a tangential connection to the 3D printing hobby through the PC parts I've purchased on Etsy, I often browse through the projects and content submitted here by Devon and Ian with something akin to total awe.

"Wow, Ian sure does know a lot about 3D printing in resin."

"Oh look, Devon just posted another Geekmas project!"


As the "Game Content Writer" for the site, I do my best to stay in my lane and make my own interesting submissions for Geeky Inc, but there is always a part of me that wants to be a part of those awesome 3D printing projects.

Enter: my sister.

My sister and her boyfriend are big nerds - huge nerds - but in the best way possible. They have multiple 3D printers that they use to print all kinds of crafts (mainly D&D and Warhammer miniatures), and I always give those machines a little side-eye whenever I visit.

To give our family a little Christmas spirit jumpstart (it's been a long year), she came up with an idea: a Christmas party where she 3D prints whatever we want as ornaments, and we all get together to paint them.

Brilliant! It was my chance to see what 3D printers can really do, and I got to spend some time with my family. A win-win, and an awesome start to the holidays.

I unfortunately wasn't part of the 3D printing process itself so I didn't necessarily learn anything, but I did get to pick a little figure!

Ain't he cute!? (Image Source: Cults3d.com)

Having just seen Godzilla Minus One, I immediately knew I wanted a tiny Godzilla hanging from my Christmas tree. I ended up picking this one from CUSTOM_TOYS on Cults3D.com (link to the creation: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/godzilla-little-cute). I was very happy with this tiny kaiju even in his raw form, which I, unfortunately, don't have any pictures of.

However, I DO have pictures of the finished product!

Not bad!
...ok, yeah he's a little derpy.

After several hours of painting and snacking on all kinds of delicious snacks prepared by the hostess - Christmas trizzas should be on every menu in December - I ended up with a delightful little Godzilla that I am super happy with.

I obviously wasn't alone, so here are the other attendees of the First Annual 3D Printed Ornament Painting Party as represented by their individual projects.

My girlfriend.

A tasteful, classic nutcracker.

My Chibi.

If Kirby looks like this, that means.... OH NO, SANTA!!!

My sister

The paint job on this thing is sickeningly immaculate.

Her boyfriend

Can't go wrong with Deoxys!

There were a few more that I don't have images for, and my explanation for that is I didn't think to document this incredible night until it had already happened. Such is life.

It might not be too long before I have another chance to work on a 3D-printed figure though, especially if I have anything to say about it! I'm already on the hunt for my first machine, and I have print ideas knocking around my head all the time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this self-indulgent little blog. Maybe it'll serve as a marker for when I fell down the 3D printing rabbit hole, but it's definitely a memory I'll cherish.

My wallet on the other hand, it'll probably rue that day!

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