On the 7th day of Geekmas, I printed these mini Minecraft Axolotls. Post Processing on this one is non existent. Printing these mini axolotls took no more than 2 hours. The only challenge on this print is deciding how many you want to print AND at what scale.

You can see this one over on TikTok:


Day 7 of Geekmas brought us these mini 3d printed Minecraft Axolotls. #minecraft #geekmas #geek #geekculture #geekyinc #3dprinting #3dprintinglife

♬ original sound - geekyinc

The breakdown:

Geeky Inc Category - Gaming
Original Appearance - Minecraft
Time to Print (on a Bambu P1P) ~ 1.5 hours
Post Processing - Minimal (Just put the pieces together)
Link to STL - https://www.printables.com/model/526789-stocking-stuffer-minecraft-axolotl-mini-figure-kit