In Fire Emblem Engage, players get to experience an exciting blend of strategy, role-playing, and heartfelt connections in a fantastical continent called Elyos. This realm is home to a diverse array of characters from various Fire Emblem games, all of whom are just waiting to bond with you. Picking the perfect weapons for your units is of utmost significance, as it profoundly impacts the outcomes of their battles.

With such a vast array of armaments available, it can be challenging to discern the finest among them. However, with this Fire Emblem Engage weapon tier list, you might just be able to make a killer team! I've evaluated each weapon's might, hit rate, critical rate, effects, accessibility, and how well they align with diverse classes and emblems to grade them from S to D.

Note: please be aware that the tier list provided is solely influenced by our individual perspectives and gameplay encounters. Everyone's play style and preferences can vary, leading to different choices. Additionally, this tier list excludes Engage Weapons, unique arms reserved for specific emblems.*

With that little disclaimer out of the way, let's get started!

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How to Get and Engage Weapons?

The weapon shop in Somniel's central plaza. (Image Source:

There are several ways to acquire and utilize weapons in Fire Emblem Engage:

- Obtaining from Enemies or Chests: Acquiring weapons is possible through victorious encounters with foes or uncovering chests in select locations. The spoils of these endeavors may yield diverse armaments contingent upon the specific chapter, while the weapon's caliber corresponds to the chosen difficulty level. Alternatively, skilled units or adept wielders of knives can abscond with weapons directly from adversaries.

- Purchase from the Armory: You can get weapons from the armory, which can be found either in the main menu or on certain maps. The armory offers a variety of weapon types based on the chapter, and prices vary according to rank and rarity. You'll have to earn gold by completing quests, selling items, or collecting church contributions in order to buy anything though.

- Strengthening at the Smithy: Visit the Smithy in the main menu or specific maps to enhance the weapons you already have weapons. Utilize iron, steel, silver, gold, or gems as materials to boost their might, hit rate, critical rate, or durability. Acquire materials by vanquishing foes, opening chests, or donating to the church. The quantity and type of materials needed are based on the weapon's rank and rarity.

- Acquiring Engage Weapons: Engage weapons can be acquired through emblem rings, exclusive items enabling interaction with specific emblems. Emblem rings can be obtained by fulfilling designated map or quest tasks, or by purchasing them from the shop with bond fragments. Bond fragments can be earned by strengthening your support level with various characters. Engage weapons offer distinctive effects that enhance your stats or abilities upon engaging with their corresponding emblems.

S Tier Weapons

The 32nd Steward of the Dragon, Vander

Undoubtedly, these stand out as the finest weapons the game has to offer. Their exceptional might, precision, critical rate, and unique attributes set them apart from the others. They are also readily accessible for upgrades and can be wielded by a wide range of classes and emblems.

Brave Weapons

These special weapons grant the ability to perform two consecutive attacks when initiating combat, regardless of the wielder's speed stat. It allows for overwhelming offensive power, giving you the ability to catch foes off-guard. They are particularly advantageous for units with high strength, magic, and dexterity, enabling devastating critical hits.

The four brave weapons in this category are:

  • Brave Sword (4 might, A proficiency)
  • Brave Bow (4 might, A proficiency)
  • Brave Lance (5 might, A proficiency)
  • Brave Axe (6 might, A proficiency)

Examples of proficient users include:

  • Zelestia (Hero, Emblem Marth)
  • Gregory (Warrior, Emblem Ike)
  • Madeline (Bow Knight, Emblem Lucina)
  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika).

Divine and Flashing Fist Art

These powerful art weapons boast exceptional damage potential and are exclusively available to the skilled Martial Master class - a unique hybrid class proficient in both physical and magical attacks.

The Fist Art weapons are:

  • Divine Fist Art (11 might, S proficiency)
  • Flashing Fist Art (9 might, A proficiency)

The revered Divine Fist Art inflicts magic damage with an impressive 75% hit rate, while the Flashing Fist Art delivers physical damage with a remarkable 80% hit rate. Their versatile range of 1 plus added skills enables strikes against both nearby and distant foes, making them the perfect choice for countering ranged combatants or adversaries with limited resistance and defense.

Noteworthy units effectively utilizing art weapons include:

  • Remy (Martial Master, Emblem Roy)
  • Kira (Martial Master, Emblem Lyn)
  • Leon (Martial Master, Emblem Leif)
  • Iris (Martial Master, Emblem Byleth).


The power of the longbow in Fire Emblem Engage. (Image Source:

This particular bow in the game has a range of 3, unlike the standard 2, allowing for safer long-range attacks or support in chain attacks for backup units proficient with bows.

With a decent 70% hit rate and a manageable weight of 10, the Longbow (7 might, C proficiency) proves easy to handle. It shines particularly against fliers, dealing extra damage to them.

Effective users of the longbow include:

  • Madeline (Bow Knight, Emblem Lucina)
  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika)
  • Noah (Sniper, Emblem Alm)
  • Elise (Bow Sage, Emblem Celica).

A Tier Weapons

The royal knight of Firene, Chloe. (Image Source:

These excellent armaments possess remarkable statistics and beneficial effects, albeit falling slightly short of the S-tier weapons in certain aspects. Their acquisition or upgrade might be more challenging, and they might come with drawbacks or limitations, preventing absolute perfection.

Killer Weapons and Wo Dao

These weapons possess elevated critical rates while featuring slightly lower base damage compared to their higher-tier counterparts. They prove especially advantageous for agile units, as they significantly enhance the likelihood of landing critical hits that inflict triple damage.

Utilizing these weapons allows you to successfully confront high HP or defense adversaries by inflicting critical hits that bypass defense.

The Killer weapons are:

  • Killer Bow (7 might, C proficiency)
  • Killer Axe (11 might, C proficiency)
  • Killer Lance (7 might, C proficiency)

In comparison to the Killer Lance, which boasts a 75% hit rate, the Wo Dao (6 might, B proficiency) is a sword with slightly lower might but a higher hit rate of 90.

The adept wielders of Killer Weapons and the Wo Dao are:

  • Zelestia (Hero, Emblem Marth)
  • Remy (Martial Master, Emblem Roy)
  • Kira (Martial Master, Emblem Lyn)
  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika)

Slayer Weapons

These specialized weapons possess added potency against certain foes, such as heavily armored units or dragons. They offer a strategic advantage when facing otherwise daunting opponents or countering opposing weapon choices.

These weapons also grant you the means to overcome adversaries with advantageous weapon types, like lance users against sword wielders or axe users against lance bearers.

The Slayer Weapons in this category include:

  • Armorslayer (9 might, C proficiency)
  • Hammer (9 might, D proficiency)
  • Wyrmslayer (8 might, B proficiency)
  • Ridersbane (8 might, D proficiency).

Each weapon also serves a distinct purpose. the Armorslayer and the Hammer excel against armored units, the Wyrmslayer is lethal against dragons, and the Ridersbane proves highly effective against cavalry units.

Notable examples of proficient units are:

  • Gregory (Warrior, Emblem Ike)
  • Noah (Sniper, Emblem Alm)
  • Leon (Martial Master, Emblem Leif)
  • Elise (Bow Sage, Emblem Celica).

Heroes Item Set

Earn these items by playing Fire Emblem Heroes and claim rewards by connecting your FEH account to your user account with FEE on the Nintendo Switch. They are inspired by the weapons of key characters from Fire Emblem Heroes and offer distinct effects to enhance your stats or abilities.

Employ these items to improve your stats or abilities based on your HP level, thereby enhancing your survival and expediting battle resolution.

The Heroes Item Set includes:

  • Folkvangr (10 might, D proficiency)
  • Fensalir (12 might, D proficiency)
  • Noatun (14 might, D proficiency).

The Folkvangr, a sword, bestows Atk+3 for 1 turn if your HP is at 50% or less at the turn's commencement. The Fensalir, a lance, grants Atk+2 for 1 turn at the start of the turn. The Noatun, an axe, awards Mov+1 for 1 turn if your HP is at 40% or less at the turn's beginning.

The units that can effectively utilize the Heroes Item Set are:

  • Zelestia (Hero, Emblem Marth)
  • Madeline (Bow Knight, Emblem Lucina)
  • Gregory (Warrior, Emblem Ike)
  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika)

B Tier Weapons

The royal guardswoman of Elusia, Goldmary. (Image Source:

Though these weapons exhibit favorable attributes, they fall short of the A-tier's remarkable aspects. Certain drawbacks or constraints might hinder their versatility and reliability, leaving them just slightly behind other weapons in higher tiers.

Silver Weapons

These weapons possess formidable power and accuracy, but they aren't perfect. Their chance of critical hits is limited, and they bear considerable weight. They do excel in dealing steady damage to foes, but they are also less proficient at landing critical hits or executing follow-up attacks. Additionally, they come with a steep price tag for purchase or upgrades and demand considerable skill to wield.

Employ these potent arms to deal significant damage against enemies with low defense or resistance, though you may encounter challenges when facing swift or evasive opponents.

Some of the Silver weapons I'd like to mention are:

  • Silver Sword (12 might, B proficiency)
  • Silver Bow (12 might, B proficiency)
  • Silver Lance (14 might, B proficiency)
  • Silver Axe (16 might, B proficiency).

Notable individuals who can wield these silver weapons to great effect are:

  • Zelestia (Hero, Emblem Marth)
  • Madeline (Bow Knight, Emblem Lucina)
  • Gregory (Warrior, Emblem Ike)
  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika).

Levin Sword

This mystical blade inflicts arcane damage rather than physical, possessing a reach of 1-2. It stealthily strikes foes from both close and long range, eluding their defenses. Yet, with a might of 13 and a hefty weight of 11, it proves unwieldy for those with modest magic or agility. Wielding it also necessitates a C-level proficiency, an uncommon trait among swordsmen.

Exploit its magic prowess against heavily armored or magically frail adversaries, but be mindful of agile and resistant foes.

Notable adepts of the Levin sword include:

  • Remy (Martial Master, Emblem Roy)
  • Kira (Martial Master, Emblem Lyn)
  • Leon (Martial Master, Emblem Leif)
  • Iris (Martial Master, Emblem Byleth)


This ancient book possesses a formidable might of 18 and covers a range of 1-3, allowing it to inflict substantial harm upon foes regardless of their distance. Nevertheless, its accuracy is lacking, and its weight is notably heavy at 16, resulting in slow and imprecise strikes. Wielding it also requires attaining an A proficiency level, which proves quite challenging for magic users.

Though this weapon enables high-damage attacks from afar, be mindful of potential frequent misses or vulnerability to swifter adversaries.

Some units who can effectively utilize thoron include:

  • Elise (Bow Sage, Emblem Celica)
  • Iris (Martial Master, Emblem Byleth)
  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika)
  • Noah (Sniper, Emblem Alm).

C Tier Weapons

The crown prince of Firene, Alfred. (Image Source:

These weapons are considered ordinary with modest statistics or effects, while bearing significant drawbacks or constraints that reduce their appeal. Though they might find some utility in specific scenarios or with particular units, their reliability and efficiency are lacking.

Steel Weapons

These weapons possess a balanced combination of power and accuracy, though their critical rate is on the lower side and they tend to be quite heavy. Although they outperform iron weapons in terms of damage, they can't match the speed and precision of silver weapons. Moreover, they come at a higher cost for purchase or upgrades, and their effective use requires higher proficiency.

These weapons serve well to deal considerable damage to foes with average defense or resistance, but they might struggle against heavily defended or resistant foes.

Some of the steel weapon variants include:

  • Steel Sword (9 might, C proficiency)
  • Steel Bow (10 might, C proficiency)
  • Steel Lance (11 might, C proficiency)
  • Steel Axe (13 might, C proficiency).

Notable units capable of effectively wielding steel weapons are:

  • Gregory (Warrior, Emblem Ike)
  • Madeline (Bow Knight, Emblem Lucina)
  • Noah (Sniper, Emblem Alm)
  • Elise (Bow Sage, Emblem Celica).

Silver Dagger and Cinqueda

These particular blades boast significant power and accuracy at close quarters, but their capacity for landing critical blows or engaging from a distance is somewhat limited. They can be quite costly to obtain or enhance, and they require considerable skill to wield effectively.

These weapons prove highly effective against foes with weak defense or resistance, but targeting adversaries with superior speed, skill, or those at a distance can pose challenges.

  • Silver Dagger (10 might, B proficiency)
  • Cindqueda (13 might, S proficiency)

As a frame of reference, the silver dagger has a range of 1-2 with a critical rate of zero, while the cinqueda provides a range of 1-2 and a critical rate of 10.

Notable individuals skilled in handling knives include:

  • Kira (Martial Master, Emblem Lyn)
  • Remy (Martial Master, Emblem Roy)
  • Leon (Martial Master, Emblem Leif)
  • Iris (Martial Master, Emblem Byleth).

Mobility Staves

These unique staff items enhance your units' movement or hinder enemy mobility, making them highly valuable assets in the game. Despite not dealing damage, their ability to manipulate unit placements provides a formidable advantage in Fire Emblem games.

Need to prioritize a target? Use the Warp staff to swiftly bring them to your team. Want to take down the boss? Employ the Warp staff to teleport your most vital unit for a swift one-turn kill! The mobility staves at your disposal are as follows:

• The Obstruct Staff (D proficiency) conjures a mass of ice, blocking one space for 1 turn.
• The Warp Staff (B proficiency) possesses space-warping magic to teleport an adjacent ally up to 5 spaces away.
• The Entrap Staff (A proficiency) teleports a distant foe to an adjacent space.
• The Rewarp Staff (C proficiency) allows users to teleport up to 5 spaces away.

Effective wielders of these mobility staves include:

  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika)
  • Elise (Bow Sage, Emblem Celica)I
  • Iris (Martial Master, Emblem Byleth)
  • Noah (Sniper, Emblem Alm).

Leveraging these staves can strategically reposition units or thwart enemies, aiding in achieving objectives, avoiding danger, or creating opportunities.

D Tier Weapons

A prince of Brodia, Alcryst. (Image Source:

These weapons proved to be rather lackluster. They have stats and effects that are on the lower end of the spectrum, and are burdened by severe drawbacks and limitations, rendering them hardly of any practical value. Although they might find some niche utility in rare circumstances or for particular units, their usage is hardly justified overall.

Iron Weapons

These weapons possess modest power and accuracy yet boast remarkable endurance and lightness. They serve as the game's most basic and widespread armaments, accessible to all skill levels. Their cost-efficiency allows for easy acquisition and upgrades, ensuring prolonged use. However, in comparison to other weapons, they lack potency and special attributes.

They do prove useful against foes with weak defense or resistance, but may struggle to land hits against those with high defense, resistance, speed, or skill.

Some of the iron weapon variants are:

  • Iron Sword (5 might, D proficiency)
  • Iron Bow (6 might, D proficiency)
  • Iron Lance (7 might, D proficiency)
  • Iron Axe (9 might, D proficiency).

The following units wield these iron weapons effectively:

  • Zelestia (Hero, Emblem Marth)
  • Gregory (Warrior, Emblem Ike)
  • Madeline (Bow Knight, Emblem Lucina)
  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika)


This sword possesses an inverse weapon triangle property, offering an upper hand against lances while being at a disadvantage against axes. It proves valuable for sword wielders seeking to counter lance users, yet renders them susceptible to axe-wielders. The Lancereaver (9 might, D proficiency) additionally boasts an 80% hit rate and is considerably heavy at 9, demanding higher skill and speed from users.

Employ this weapon to inflict added damage on lance users, but remain cautious of potential harm from axe users or possible misses against agile foes.

Effective wielders of the lancereaver include:

  • Zelestia (Hero, Emblem Marth)
  • Remy (Martial Master, Emblem Roy)
  • Kira (Martial Master, Emblem Lyn)
  • Lila (Valkyrie, Emblem Eirika)

Blade Weapons

These blades boast considerable might, yet their hit and critical rates remain somewhat low. Moreover, a drawback hinders their ability to follow up or initiate combat swiftly, rendering them somewhat slow and unwieldy. While they excel at dealing massive damage in a single strike, landing critical hits or executing double attacks proves challenging.

Utilize these weapons to inflict significant damage on enemies with low HP or defense, but you might encounter difficulties when facing foes with high HP, defense, speed, or skill.

Examples of such blade weapons include:

  • Iron Blade (10 might, C proficiency)
  • Steel Blade (18 might, B proficiency)
  • Silver Blade (24 might, A proficiency)
  • Georgios (32 might, S proficiency).

Units that wield them with remarkable effectiveness include:

  • Gregory (Warrior, Emblem Ike)
  • Noah (Sniper, Emblem Alm)
  • Leon (Martial Master, Emblem Leif)
  • Iris (Martial Master, Emblem Byleth)

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this tier list for Fire Emblem Engage. I hope it provided you with valuable insights. Remember that it it was constructed solely from my viewpoint, and your preferences and experiences with weapons may vary. Enjoy exploring diverse options that align with your play style and choices!

If you'd like to inquire about anything, don't hesitate to ask in the comments, and don't miss sharing your Fire Emblem Engage experience.