So, you have a killer gaming PC. Or at least you did several years ago.

Once a collection of top-of-the-line parts, it now sits on your desk. A dutiful workhorse, ready to edit that YouTube video or boot up Cyberpunk 2077 at the drop of a hat. With major parts makers launching new equipment every single year, it’s more than likely that the gaming PC you spent so much time and money on was obsolete shortly after you completed it, and that’s ok. That’s just how it is being a part of the most elite class of gamers (don’t @ me, console hooligans).

But, let’s say you’re looking to either part out your current rig for sale, or maybe even looking to sell the whole damn thing so you can start over with newer parts. How would you go about doing that? What is that 2070 Super from 2019 worth in 2023? Well, don’t worry a single hair on your pretty little head, reader. Because today, we got your back.

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