The great thing about each individual Final Fantasy game is that they are completely standalone adventures. 

You can enjoy the entirety of any Final Fantasy game and never worry about keeping track of its story for sequels, prequels, pre-sequels, or the like. There has never ever been a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game, in the history of the franchise…

FF X-2 and XII-2 were just terrible fever dreams.

ANYWAY, we aren’t here today to debate the validity of those games. No, today we are here to answer a single question: “How long is it going to take me to get through Final Fantasy 15?”. Whether you’re a Final Fantasy aficionado or someone who is planning to play through all of the games in order (if that’s the case, may The Twelve help you), knowing how many chapters there are and roughly how long each one takes can be pretty helpful!

So let’s not waste any more time. You have a sick road trip to go on with some new best friends, so you have to hit the road as soon as possible.

Let’s get started!

Final Fantasy 15 Chapter Count

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Right off the bat, you can expect a total of 15 chapters in Final Fantasy 15. How appropriate! 

Here is a list of all the chapters:

Chapter 1 - Departure

Chapter 2 - No Turning Back

Chapter 3 - The Open World

Chapter 4 - Living Legend

Chapter 5 - Dark Clouds

Chapter 6 - A Way Forward

Chapter 7 - Party of Three

Chapter 8 - Seaworthy

Chapter 9 - Callings

Chapter 10 - The Heart of a King

Chapter 11 - In the Dark

Chapter 12 - End of Days

Chapter 13 - Redemption

Chapter 14 - Homecoming

Chapter 15 - End of the Road

Every chapter before Chapter 15 is full of twists, explosive action, and plenty of exposition. Chapter 15 also contains some of that, but it mostly acts as the game’s epilogue, turning you loose on the game world to tie up loose ends and snag those final side quests before you leave the game for good. Some players find Chapter 15 and its developments to be depressing, but we prefer to say that it's cathartic.

How Long Does it Take to Beat Final Fantasy 15?

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As a massive action RPG with a sprawling world full of characters, events, and things to see, how long it takes you to get through Final Fantasy 15 is entirely up to you!

We recommend taking your time going through the game to take in the sights and properly form bonds with its fantastic cast of characters, but bee-lining through it so you can move on to Final Fantasy 16 is also an entirely reasonable option.

Seriously, Final Fantasy 16 is sick

As for your time in FF 15, you can expect to spend roughly 30 hours playing if you’re only doing the main story quests at a decent speed, or less than 20 if you’re in a rush. If you don’t skip the car rides, this runtime can stretch out FAR longer. 

Don’t worry, nobody sits through those car rides anyway. 

If you intend to play through the main story and take on a good number of side quests, do some grinding, and generally take some time to dilly-dally along the way - you’re looking at around 55 hours of gameplay. That’s nothing to sniff at, and that’s because Final Fantasy 15 is a big, meaty RPG - just as you would expect from Square Enix. 

Some people have completed the game using this tactic in around 35 hours, but I’ve never met any of them.

Now, if you really want to get your money’s worth out of Final Fantasy 15 by seeing and doing absolutely everything in the game, you’re looking at just over 69 hours (nice) before you hit the credits. MINIMUM. On average, a completionist route takes nearly 100 hours, or even double that if you aren’t in a rush. 

Now THAT’s a big game!

If you’re feeling dizzy from seeing those playtimes, don’t worry. It goes by faster than you know it, and the next game is a little more… considerate of your time. Even a completionist run of that takes 60-80 hours, with standard runs finishing in around 36 hours. MUCH more reasonable, and the new combat systems really kick the action up a notch. 

But hey, maybe that’s a conversation for another blog!

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