On the 3rd day of Geekmas, I printed these Wolverine Claws. I admit, the post processing here was rushed, and could have definitely been better but again, I was against the clock and wanted to show the result. It's not a challenging print, but I did lose a few of the claws post printing due to the holder piece snapping off. My recommendation would be to use supports in the handle area and try using a stronger material, like a PLA tough OR even PETG.

You can see the rush job over on TikTok:


On Day 3 of Geekmas I made Wolverine's claws! #geekmas #geekyinc #geek #geekculture #wolverine #xmen #cosplay #halloween

♬ original sound - geekyinc

The breakdown:

Geeky Inc Category - Gaming and Comics
Original Appearance - Incredible Hulk #180
Time to Print (on a Bambu P1P) - 4 hours
Post Processing - Semi - Moderate
Link to STL - https://www.printables.com/model/319278-wolverine-claws-for-cosplay