For Day 2 of Geekmas I decided to print, and post process, the Zelda Hylian Shield. The print itself was straightforward on the ole Bambu P1P. Once it was printed, I just needed to connect the two pieces. Instead of using dowels / small sticks as the original creator recommended, I decided to do some PLA welding.

I wanted to get the piece out quickly so I did some light sanding and then got to painting. You can check out the steps to create over on Tiktok:


Day 2 of Geekmas is here! Here's Zelda Hylian Shield. #geekmas #geek #geekculture #3dprinting #legendofzelda #gaming #geekyinc

♬ original sound - geekyinc

The breakdown:

Geeky Inc Category - Gaming
Original Appearance - Legend of Zelda (specifically the Ocarina of Time)
Time to Print (on a Bambu P1P) - 12 hours
Post Processing - Moderate
Link to STL -